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Energy Efficiency in Urban Mobility

The consequences: traffic congestion, increased greenhouse gas emissions, air and noise pollution and a high accident rate.

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Moreover, the energy consumption per passenger-kilometere is intensive and inefficient. Urban transport systems in particular have reached their limits.

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This corresponds to an increase of 52 per cent compared to In this scenario, individual transport accounts for 64 per cent of CO2 emissions and public transport for 36 per cent of all passenger transport emissions. It also stipulates that communities with a population of more than 20, are legally obliged to draft an Urban Mobility Plan.

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Nonetheless, many cities have already committed to promoting sustainable development and are in the process of making their transport systems more efficient. Objective The conditions for harnessing the energy efficiency potential of urban mobility in Brazil have improved.

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Approach Creating liveable towns and cities with sustainable mobility solutions built around people; not cars, requires a new and better way forward: namely, the A-S-I Avoid-Shift-Improve approach which focuses on demand rather than supply.

A-S-I promotes alternative mobility solutions and more sustainable and energy-efficient transport systems that will lower GHG emissions, reduce travel times and generally improve the liability of Brazilian cities.

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Three factors are crucial to more energy-efficient urban mobility: the transport transport video video as a whole system efficiencyindividual journeys trip efficiencyand vehicle technology engine efficiency. Results Overall, the project is contributing to ensure that the Ministry of Cities Ministério das Cidadesother relevant institutions and the pilot cities build up the technical capacities they need in order to develop sustainable and energy-efficient mobility solutions.

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Instruments for the assessment of energy efficiency potentials and the monitoring of relevant actions in the field of urban mobility are available. Technical guidelines and recommendations for planning, implementation and management of energy-efficient urban mobility in Brazilian cities are available.

An integrated mobility strategy that incorporates energy efficiency criteria and other sustainable mobility approaches is ready for implementation in the pilot cities of Uberlândia State of Minas Gerais and Sorocaba State of São Paulo. In both pilot cities public transport concessions are up for renewal in Volume up to one billion EUR in 15 years. Therefore, the project transport video video detailed guidelines and recommendations with reference to bus network optimisation and integration, concession management as well as bus contract management and monitoring, parking management, complete streets and more.

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The implementation of these measures is expected to increase public transport ridership up to 30 per cent.